Represent the Finnish student culture and get yourself a cool student overall!

ESN FINT provides nice forest green overalls for its members. You can buy one in our office.

Interesting info about student overalls:

  • How to recognize students all over Finland? OVERALLS! Student culture is strong in Finland and one important part of that culture is the student overall! Students wear them at parties and other events, most importantly on the 1st of May (Vappu).
  • Every field of studies has their own color which differs depending on the university and study place. Examples: In UTA, medicine students wear white, business students wear blue and language students wear red. In TUT, architecture students wear black and automation technology students wear yellow. And, of course, all international students wear green!! laugh
  • The coolest part of having an overall is to be able to sew patches (haalarimerkki) on it! Students collect them from events, buy them from student associations or even make their own!