Recycle your stuff with ESN FINT!

When you move into a new country, you often discover that there are a lot of things you need in daily life, which you now have to buy all at once. Similarly, when you are leaving the country, there's only so many things you can fit in your suitcase to take back home, and you may be left wondering what to do with all that extra stuff you bought earlier.

What now? Don’t throw away your stuff - Let’s recycle!

ESN FINT organizes a recycling service at the clubroom, where you can leave stuff that you no longer need, or take things that have been donated by other students, for free! We usually have designated recycling events at the start & end of each semester, but you can also ask about it during our clubroom opening hours! Remember to check out our Starting Kit service as well!

Wondering what kind of items you can take/donate? Here are some common things we have recycled:

  • Kitchen items (plates, cups, cutleries etc.), some of which are part of Kitchen Starting Kits.
  • Bed items (linens, pillows, duvets etc.), some of which are part of Bedroom Starting Kits.
  • Electronics (lamps, kettles, toasters etc.)
  • Office items (clips, binders, tape etc.)
  • Decorative items (art, candles, house plants etc.)
  • Clothes (shoes, winter jackets etc.)
  • Small pieces of furniture (stools, coffee tables etc.)
  • Sealed & long-lasting food items (cans, dry ingredients etc.)
  • Bicycles


Here are some pictures and stories from our past recycling events :)

Since we move so much in our program we cannot carry many decor items for ourselves. When I got to Tampere I had a huge white room with only standard furniture. It felt weird and not like home. I got a fluffy carpet anda blanket at ESN FINT that made the room feel more like me.

Flávia Colus, Exchange student at TUNI

"I'm grateful for the donation activities that ESN FINT has organized. I took a few small but useful items like zipper bags, batteries, hand towels, and a blanket! As an exchange student who is only living here for a short period, it's not always practical for me to buy new stuff. ESN FINT has done a great job in helping students, recycling and reducing wastage."

- Abbie Loi, Exchange student at TUNI


If you want to improve your environmental footprint and do the next generation of incoming students in Tampere a favour, don’t throw your precious items in the bin but give them to us for recycling! If you are interested in helping us with this project, definitely get in touch! (

Tampere University recycling room

--- Please note that the due to the Covid-19 situation the recycling room is not currently in operation ---

Didn't find what you were looking for? Tampere University also has a recycling room where you can leave & take clean, useful stuff that is in good condition.

You can leave: bed sheets, bed linen, dishes, cutlery, lamps, clothes, shoes, electronic appliances etc.

Do not leave: Groceries, hazardous waste, broken electronic appliances.

The university recycling room is in the city center main building room E105 - check out the picture below on how to get there, or see this video. In case it's locked, you can ask someone in the offices around if they can open it.