• weekly Actives hangouts (planning of events with ESN FINTs events coordinator)

• Welcome week events (e.g. Tampere Challenge, Pub Crawl, Speedfriending, Welcoming Sauna)

• Sports activities (e.g. Indoor Climbing, Laser Tag, Kyykkä tournament)

• Hangouts (e.g. degree students’ hangout, movie nights, gaming afternoons, wappu for newbies)

• Bar events (e.g. Speedfriending, international Pub Quiz)

• Finnish culture events (e.g. Karaoke night, Ice hockey event, Sauna events, Gaming afternoon)

• Museum visits (e.g. vapriikki, Moomin museum, Spy museum, Lenin museum)

• Finnish student culture events (e.g. Wappu events, international Sitsits, Overall patch sewing)

• Nature events (e.g. day trip to Helvetinjärvi, hiking in Tampere)

• International events (e.g. international dinner, mobility fairs, Gringo Tuesday)

• Mobility Events (e.g. stands at international fairs, table at Mobility Fair)

• Parties

• Cottage weekends for members and team-building for active members

You need more details?  Here you go:


Finnish nature offers many incredible and peaceful places to go to. With FINT you can enjoy nature near Tampere with your international friends! We have had 2 nights in tents by a beautiful lake, but also some shorter walking trips.

There's nothing more Finnish than a delicious sausage by a camp fire!


One of the most popular events we have is the weekend in Kintulammi, in a traditional wooden cottage by a small lake.

The concept is to relax and have fun, but also do some chores together: chop wood, make food and warm up the sauna. Some might call it a survival weekend, but including walking in the forest, grilling sausages and marshmallows, swimming, sauna, boardgames, delicious meals... Finnish fun in a 21th century way laugh

This trip has a capacity of around 19 students.


Well, if you come to Finland, going to sauna is a must. And a proper way to do it is by a lake with friends!

FINT also provides grilled sausages and some drinks and snacks.


Indoor climbing with instructor!

Ice Hockey

One of the most traditional sports in Finland.

We'll go to see a local team play!

Laser tag

This. is. a. hit!

People just seem to love laser tag!