UTA Recycling room, UTA Main Building E105 in (E-wing)

Leaving Tampere soon?

The semester is almost over - did you collect some great memories in Finland? Are you packing up those memories and discovered that you have some stuff in good condition that you don't need but they could still be used? Don’t throw them away - Let’s recycle!

Just arrived to Tampere?

Are you in search for some second-hand lamp? Or perhaps some bed linens or free stuff to decorate your room? Check out the useful stuff left by the exchange students who left Tampere couple months ago!

⇒ UTA has a recycling room where you can leave & take clean, useful stuff in good condition.

You can leave: bed sheets, bed linen, dishes, cutlery, lamps, clothes, shoes, electronic appliances etc.

Do not leave: Groceries, hazardous waste, broken electronic appliances.

The recycling room is in UTA Main Building E105 in (E-wing) - check out the picture or the video on how to get there. In case it's locked, ask someone in the offices around if they can open it.

Because recycling is cool!