Want to get better at speaking a foreign language? Interested in other cultures? Join a language and culture group! Every group is led by a native speaker who will be happy to help you learn more about the language and the culture! You don’t need to be fluent in the language, every level is welcome. Most groups take place in Telakka, but a few of them are only doing online meetings for now. Join the WhatsApp groups for more information! 

Finns are also very welcome to join! 

Here are the links for the groups, you need to add chat.whatsapp.com/ in front of the given code in order to join. 

(ex : RaNdOmUrL -  real link : chat.whatsapp.com/RaNdOmUrL)

  • Finnish: I7Cj93GPb7PHp3gHNzdSaV
  • Russian: GlhZARvZ6dB2wsvijL7ZXU
  • Japanese: C7QnyunYcXN0wsrelDOPgU
  • French: JuOpsKr2Ast0eksGdnZvnU
  • German: BpzLHuh7IUdBQr7ZV3F87h
  • Spanish: FGHAfptSqrc40c1oEqC40t
  • Chineese: CdMnxFny1HY8JruwRkWlqN
  • Arabic: CdHW3c16SbBIN5wmINF5gP