As a member of ESN FINT, you can rent various winter sports equipment from our clubroom, including ice skatessleds and kyykkä sets. Come by during any opening hours to see the equipment and rent them!

The rental deposit is 10€ per pair/item/set, and we accept cash only for this. You can rent the items for a maximum of three days, or until the next opening hours if there's none in the next 3 days. Returning the items late means that you only get 50% of the deposit back. 

Terms and conditions

  1. I agree on treating the borrowed items with care and I will use the borrowed items properly, so that students after me can also use them. 
  2. In case I cause any kind of damage on the rented equipment, or if I lose any pieces of the rented equipment, I am held accountable for it by ESN FINT and it may lead to monetary compensation owed to ESN FINT.
  3. In case I have borrowed ice skates, I agree to dry the blades of the ice skates with either a small towel or paper towels immediately after I have finished ice skating. This should be done to avoid rust.