DNA, partner of ESN Finland, offers all UTA incoming international students a free prepaid SIM card! You can pick yours up during the UTA orientation week at ESN FINT table or later at our office. With the card, you'll also get instructions for activation and info about reloading prices etc.

If you don't need a Finnish SIM card, you can get a DATA card for your tablet instead!

Both SIM card and DATA card have some money on them as a welcoming gift from DNA and ESN Finland. smiley


ESN:n kumppani, DNA, tarjoaa kaikille Tampereen yliopiston uusille kv-opiskelijoille ilmaisen prepaid-liittymän! Niitä jaetaan oprientaatioviikolla päätalon aulassa ja myöhemmin ESN FINTin toimistolla. Sim-kortin mukana saa myös ohjeet ja tietoa hinnoista, lataamisesta jne.