We are very much interested in receiving feedback on our events, services or on any difficulties that you might encounter during your studies and stay in Tampere. Your feedback is very valuable, as it is the only way we can improve the situation and make sure that everyone feels welcome in our community. We wish for the feedback to be constructive (as in, don't insult anyone, but instead try to give ideas to improve the situation and suggest future actions).

You can give us an anonymous hints or feedback through this form!

There is also the option of providing your e-mail address in case you wish us to contact you. In any case, you can be sure that your feedback will be handled with discretion and full confidentiality.

Thank you very much!

Harassment contact person of TREY

In case you encounter any kind of harassment, bullying, discrimination or other situations that make you feel uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to contact TREY's harassment contact persons:

You can contact both harassment contact persons via email:
For a male contact person only, send a mail to:
For a female contact person only, send a mail to:

You can also find more information on TREY's website.

The harassment contact persons operate on the terms of the student and no further action or contact will be made without consent. All conversations with the harassment contact persons are fully confidential.