Who can come to the events?

Most events are for members only (see https://www.esnfint.org/fint-members-only). You can join by getting an ESNcard at our office (5€ + a small photo).

We'll check the membership, so you should bring your ESNcard when buying tickets.

Other events are for anyone! We'll inform about this on this website and in facebook events.

Where can I find information about the events?

On this website you'll find general info and a calendar. The most detailed information is available on facebook in current group + at our office.

How to sign up for events?

Usually we have a signup form that you have to fill in when you pay at our office.

How to pay for tickets?

You can pay at our office during office hours. If you can't come to pay, you can usually also send a friend to do it for you, but note that we only sell a limited amount of tickets per person! (So for example, one can't come to pay for 10 people). This is because our events are not only for certain groups of friends, but to anyone :) Note that to some popular trips we take only one personal payment per person.

Can I pay by card?

Unfortunately, at the moment it's not possible! Cash only.

How do I book PoBS / a trip to Lapland/Russia?

These trips are organised in co-operation with a travel agency, Timetravels. Booking AND paying is through their website! There you'll also find information about the trips. Sales to ESN FINT trips open on a certain day, and we'll inform our members about it.

I have an idea about a new event! Can you make it happen?

Come to us and share it, and we'll provide you with help and some budget to organise it!