WHAT: International wine tasting event
WHEN: Thursday 21.11.2019 at 18:00
WHERE: Boomilaakso, Pinninkatu 57
FOR WHOM: Everyone is welcome
HOW MUCH: A wine/juice bottle per person or two persons

SIGN UP: https://forms.gle/kKPq9Hs8DeXCDahi7

Do you like wine? We do! Are you interested in sustainable development? We are! ESN FINT & Responsible business student club Shangri-La have something special for wine enthusiasts – a Wine Tasting Event!

You will learn about different types of wines, the production, the history and the responsibility dimension told by our special guest – a student from France, who did an internship in a wine company. Before you notice you’ll be discussing like a pro! There is a small prize for the person who will be the most pro. Don’t worry, let’s still keep it all relaxed, wines should not be too serious.

As it’s all about wine, we ask you to bring a bottle of wine or juice (big or small) that works as an entrance fee. If you come with a friend, you can bring one bottle together. Since it is all about sustainable development too, we recommend favouring fairtrade, organic and biodynamic wines. Bring your wine glasses, mugs, cups, sustainable take-away cups or even kuksa-cups with you, but no single-use plastic cups please!

If you want to come, but don’t wish to drink – just bring juice or any other beverage with you. All international and internationally-minded students are welcomed!

Shangri-La is the student club for Responsible Business students and for all the students interested in the themes of sustainable development.
Suomen Ekonomit, The Finnish Business School Graduates, is a sponsor for this event- https://www.ekonomit.fi/frontpage

21/11/2019 - 18:00 to 20:00
Pinninkatu 57
33100 Tampere
Free but bring a wine/juice bottle with you
  • Everyone is invited.