WHAT: Unforgettable one-week trip to Finnish Lapland
WHEN: Wednesday 26.2. - Monday 2.3.2020
WHERE: Kilpisjärvi, Northern Lapland
PRICE: ESN FINT members 359€
DETAILS: Click here

Crossing 3 countries at once off your bucket list? That’s possible with our Lapland trip to Kilpisjärvi!

Join ESN FINT in going 300 kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle to the village of Kilpisjärvi at the border of Finland, Sweden and Norway! Here you can find the untouched nature, the highest snow levels and best Northern lights visibility in Finland! Amazing activities are awaiting you. The three border snowmobile safari through Kilpisjärvi lake takes you to the most peaceful border in the world – to the border stone of Sweden, Norway and Finland in Kuoltavuoma. On a day trip to Tromso in Norway, you can swim in the Arctic Ocean and see spectacular fjords!

Sign up on the Timetravels website: https://www.timetravels.fi/esn-student-unions/esn-fint.html

The price of the trip starts from 359€. Included in the price:

- Round Trip to Lapland by Bus
- Accommodation 4 nights in cabins with saunas
- Day trip by bus to Tromsø, Norway
- Visit to the Arctic Ocean and sauna in Skibotn, Norway
- Visit of the Santa Claus Village
- Guide services in Kilpisjärvi

Package price does not include:

- Catering and meals
- Set of bed linen + towel (can be booked in advance for 15€/stay or rented at the destination)
- Extra activities as described in the itinerary (can be booked online until 8 days before departure)


Please note: The trip is bought online through our partner travel agency Timetravels, we (ESN FINT) can answer some questions about the trip, but we can't edit your bookings or paymers etc. If you have any trouble, please contact Timetravels Customer service for assistance via Helpdesk at www.timetravels.fi or customerservice@timetravels.fi or via phone +358 10 421 8990, during office hours Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00. Cost of the phone call is 0,09 €/call + 0,17 €/min + international call charge (for calls outside Finland).

26/02/2020 - 00:30 to 02/03/2020 - 06:30
Kilpisjärvi, Northern Lapland
359€ for ESN FINT members
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