WHAT: Visit to Spanish, German and English language lessons at a local high school
WHEN: Monday 07.10., Tuesday 08.10. and Wednesday 09.10.
WHERE: Tampereen Yhtenäiskoulun Lukio (TYK), Hallituskatu 32
MEETING POINT: Main doors of the high school (look for ESN FINT flag)


Did you know that the Finnish education is world famous for being top quality? Are you interested in visiting a local high school, meeting their students and telling about your home country?

ESN FINT is organizing visitations to the language lessons of the local high school. You will meet a FINT member at the high school who will give you small presentation about the Finnish education system and be with you at the language lesson. The high school teachers are looking for people who can speak Spanish or German for the lessons of those languages. Everyone is welcome to join the English lessons.

Possible times for visitation during the week are:

07.10. Monday at 9:20-10:30 - English lesson
07.10. Monday at 10:40-11:50 - Spanish lesson

08.10. Tuesday at 9:20-10:30 - German lesson
08.10. Tuesday at 11:10-12:20 - Spanish lesson
08.10. Tuesday at 12:30-13:40 - English lesson

09.10. Wednesday at 12:30-13:40 - German lesson
09.10. Wednesday at 9:20-10:30 - English lesson


At the lesson you can talk about your culture, language and studies. Here are some examples of things you can talk about:

Where do you come from? What is a normal day like in your home country? How is the cuisine? How is the climate? How is the dialect from your region? What is it like to do studies abroad? What do you study? Why did you decide to do studies in Finland? What is interesting to you about Finland?

You can sign up through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDsmaFNPph5VR2Z17bn4mI-PVfLy_WdTmiCrIZAdW031MtAA/viewform
The sign up closes on Thursday the 03.10. at 23:59.

Take your friends with you and come see how it is in a Finnish high school!

07/10/2019 to 09/10/2019
Tampereen Yhtenäiskoulun Lukio (TYK)
Hallituskatu 32
33200 Tampere
  • Everyone is invited.