WHAT: A one day trip to a National Park

WHEN: Saturday 29.9. 08:30 - 22:30

WHERE: Helvetinjärvi National Park

MEETING POINT: University of Tampere main building

FOR WHOM: ESN FINT members only 

PRICE: 25€/person


Interested in spending a day hiking in an old Finnish forest? Due to member requests ESN FINT is organizing a one day trip to the beautiful Helvetinjärvi National park!

Take advantage of this unique chance to encounter some of Finland’s natural beauty at its finest. Our trip will be happening right when autumn colors (“ruska” in Finnish) are at their finest, with the forest bathed in leaves of all colors.

Besides hiking (walking) through the diverse landscape of Helvetinjärvi National Park, you have the opportunity to spend wonderful hours around a campfire. After the walk we will be roasting marshmallows and making campfire pancakes as the autumn evening darkens around us. If you’re brave enough, you can even go for a swim in the cool clean waters of the many lakes in the park!

Two lengths of guided walk/hike available in the park: normal walk of 10km and long walk of 20km - 25km. The normal walk does not require special footwear, hiking or outdoor shoes recommended for the long walk. Weather appropriate clothing required for both walks!

Price includes transportation to and from the park, FINT guides, snacks and drinks, outdoor games, campfire pancakes and an unforgettable day at Helvetinjärvi National Park. Participants will be provided additional information and tips on what to take with you for the day.

Limited availability! 

NOTE: If spots remain after first week of sales, ESN FINT members can sign up to 2 non-ESN FINT friends along with themselves. Additional details to be posted if spots remain.

29/09/2018 - 08:30 to 22:45
  • ESN FINT Members only