Meet Fergie, Flint, Felix and Frikka!

ESN FINT has four foxy mascots, which you can meet in our clubroom during opening hours. They are very active and often participate in our events and travel on our trips; you can follow our social media to keep track of their many adventures. They are also very willing to appear in photos/selfies, so don't hesitate to ask if you see them around!

Want to know more of the foxies? Here's a short introduction of each of them!

Fergie is the FINT senior who started it all. The fox in our logo, that's Fergie! For our 10th anniversary in 2019, the lovely ESN INTO gifted green overalls for Fergie, so hän is a real Finnish student now! Here Fergie is in the Parliament of Finland, preparing to become the President of Finland, which is bound to happen at some point.

Flint became our second mascot in autumn 2015, and thanks to his pocket-sizedness he has been a popular travel companion on many of our trips! This picture was taken when Flint went on a vacation to Spain.


Felix joined the gang in autumn 2016, and is our most photogenic fox, always ready to pose for pictures! Here he is sitting in front of Helvetinjärvi, in the similarly named national park north of Tampere.

Frikka is our youngster who arrived here in autumn 2018. You can recognize Frikka from her smile, for she is always happy! She is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and here she is even wearing the Swedish crown in front of the royal palace!

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