What is ESN FINT?

ESN FINT stands for Erasmus Student Network, Finns and Internationals in Tampere. Founded in 2009, ESN FINT is the local section of Erasmus Student Network in the city centre campus of the Tampere University (not to be confused with ESN INTO, which is operating in the Hervanta campus). As a non-profit student organisation, we provide international experiences and services for the student community of Tampere.

Our membership is open for all higher education students in the Pirkanmaa region! All internationally-minded students are welcome, including exchange students, international degree students, homecoming students and local students.

How does ESN FINT work?

ESN FINT is organised and led by volunteers. The Board of ESN FINT is responsible for day-to-day activities that keep the organisation running. The work of the board is supported by officers and active members (called "Actives"). Actives, officers and board members are enthusiastic internationally-minded students who volunteer their free time to organise various events and trips for ESN FINT members.

All internationally-minded students in Tampere are invited to join ESN FINT and to:

  • become a member and take part in numerous events and trips that ESN FINT organises
  • become an Active member and improve your organisational skills (and your CV) while having fun
  • become an officer and improve your organisational skills by being a helping hand for the board with your own specific responsibitilies
  • become a board member and improve your international competences and leadership skills while working in an international environment

Who is ESN FINT for?

Exchange students and interns

Current exchange students and interns often face challenges in their new environment and want to find a new community in which they feel welcome. Therefore, ESN FINT offers help in the academic, social and practical integration process to Finland. This is mainly done through cultural and social events such as trips, movie nights, outdoor activities, language groups, and parties.

International degree students

Tampere University also has many international students who stay in Tampere for longer periods as part of their Bachelor, Master or Doctoral studies. For them, ESN FINT offers an environment to meet locals and other international students. ESN FINT also has strong ties to many local organizations, which can be helpful, for example, when looking for a student internship.

Homecoming students

Many students who return to Finland from exchange often have unexpected problems with re-integrating to Finland. Joining ESN FINT is a way to keep in contact with the international side of student life, and find support in the integration process.

Local (Finnish) students

ESN FINT also welcomes local students who want to engage in an international environment without even leaving the city of Tampere. Every student is welcome to join, and many have already done so. Especially international tutors, students of international programs and students with intercultural backgrounds often want to engage in an international environment. However, everyone is of course welcome, with or without international experience.


ESN FINT suomeksi

ESN FINT järjestää ohjelmaa ja tapahtumia Tampereen yliopiston kansainvälisille ja kansainvälismielisille opiskelijoille eli niin vaihtareille kuin kaikille muillekin kiinnostuneille. Haluamme edistää kansainvälisyyttä yliopistossa! Järjestämme monenlaisia tapahtumia ja ne on suunnattu KAIKILLE opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat viettää aikaa kansainvälisessä seurassa. Pääkielemme on luonnollisesti englanti, mutta jäsenistössämme (ja hallituksessa!) on myös paljon suomalaisia. Kielitaitoa ei kannata pitää millään tapaa rajoittavana tekijänä, sillä taitotasoja on monia ja silti kaikki voivat nauttia tapahtumista! Ja toki myös muiden kielten käyttäminen on enemmän kuin sallittua!