With approx. 3500 international students in Tampere Universities, would it be great to engage them further in Finnish society? 

Together with the Sustainability & Impact Club of Tampere Universities, the International Student Employability project is running a communication campaign on social media to tell about the benefits that international students generate for the country and for Finnish companies.

The Aim:

To start a discussion on the topic of diversity and internalization, to share experience and address some myths organizations have about hiring internationals. We want to raise the voice of international students in the subject.

Our Target:

Organizations in Finland employing or looking to hire internationals, international students, internationals working in Finland, or high achievers looking for a job

What we did:

We collected stories and featured them online, to highlight experiences, challenges, benefits, anything important to share on this topic, including anecdotes.

In the future:

As a continuation of this campaign, we aim to organize webinars for students and for organizations looking into hiring international students.

Spread the word: #DiversityforFuture

Stay tuned:
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Contact Information:
Do not hesitate in being in touch with us regarding comments, feedback, critiques, or even just to have a meeting to talk about the topic of diversity and social inclusion.