Student culture in Finland is a big thing and in the center of it are the student overalls or “haalarit”. Student overalls are worn by students in events to represent their study field or organization! They come in all colors and each organization has its own overall color and/or design. 

To make overalls even more personal, each student has their own unique collection of patches “haalarimerkki” attached to the overalls. Patches can be collected from student events or bought from different organizations. Patches are the perfect way to share where you’ve been and what you like!

ESN FINT’s overalls are green. To get your own pair for 30€ visit us at the club room during our office hours! Overalls are available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. 

Remember, you have to be a Member of ESN FINT to get your own overalls. 

While you’re at the clubroom, don’t forget to get your first patches too! Check out our merchandise for more information.

To learn more about student overalls and their history, check out ESN Finland’s page here: