Only staying in Tampere for a short time or leaving soon?

Every exchange or degree study period comes to an end at some point and we hope that when it does, you have collected many great memories in Finland!

When preparing to leave Tampere, you may discover that you have not only a lot of memories but also some stuff in good condition that can still be used... But you are not allowed to leave behind anything in your apartment and your suitcase is already packed with plenty of clothes and personal things!

What now? Don’t throw away your stuff - Let’s recycle!

In December 2019 and May 2020, an ESN FINT Recycling team went all around Tampere to collect reusable and clean items from exchange student buildings – among them were duvets, pillows, mattresses, dishes & cutlery, electronics, decorative items and even furniture! All these things are good to be handed back out to incoming students at the beginning of the next term free of charge!

ESN FINT has a solid cooperation agreement with TOAS (Tampere Student Housing Foundation) for a permanent storage room at TOAS Lapinkaari. From January 2021 on, reusable items can be picked up from this location on our Donation Days.  
The dates for Donation Days (handing out of items) and Collection Days (collecting them at the end of term) will be announced here and on our social media channels. 

If you want to improve your environmental footprint and do the next generation of incoming students in Tampere a favor, don’t throw your precious items in the bin but give them to us for recycling! If you are interested in helping us with this project, definitely get in touch! (

Read here to find out how this project was created with the Sustainability & Impact Club. 

Need some more inspiration on why you should donate your reusable items to us?
Allow your fellow students to acquire necessary items and to make their apartments more homely, all by saving money. Plus, you will do the environment a favor by engaging in Circular Economy practices!

“Since we move so much in our program we cannot carry many decor items for ourselves. When I got to Tampere I had a huge white room with only standard furniture. It felt weird and not like home. I got a fluffy carpet and a blanket at ESN FINT that made the room feel more like me.” -  Flávia Colus, Exchange student at TUNI
“Recycling makes me grateful. Most of my furniture at home was given away by friends, neighbors, family, colleagues, and even people I didn't know. I'm not only extremely grateful and happy about their generosity, but it makes me want to be really generous too!” - Raysa França, Degree student at TUNI