What is an Officer?
A helping hand for the board who has a specific task outside of Actives meetings and Actives meeting responsibilities and who commits to taking care of their field of responsibility. The chairperson is overall in charge of Officers and decides in accordance with the board which positions are offered to an applicant. Officers are assigned a specific Board member who functions as a contact person to the Board and as a mentor and supervisor for tasks for the Officer. 

Our officers

Katarina Sladakovic Internships katarina.sladakovic@esnfint.org
Tatjana Blum Sustainability sustainability.officer@esnfint.org
Raysa França Social inclusion raysa.franca@esnfint.org
Eeva Karjalainen Trips trips@esnfint.org
Jenni Keränen Finnish culture jenni.keranen@esnfint.org
Wafa Alimam Health & well-being wafa.alimam@esnfint.org
Tram Ngo Welcome bags tram.ngo@esnfint.org