ESN FINT has 17 pairs of ice skates (15 pairs of ice hockey skates, 2 pairs of figure skating skates) and a few sleds, and one full set of Kyykkä. They can be rented for a 10€ deposit that can only be given in cash.

The deadline for the return of the ice skates is always on the next opening hours. See the opening hours on the ESN FINT website or the Facebook page. 

This service is for members only. If you wish to rent skates or sleds come to the clubroom during opening hours with 10€ cash. When you rent the items you have to agree on the rules and sign them. Remember to bring back your rented item by the next opening hours!!
In case you borrow the ice skates, you should dry the blades of the ice skates with either a small towel or paper towels after you finished ice skating. This should be done to avoid rust.