Who can join the events?

Most of the events are open for everyone. However, some high demand events are for ESN FINT members only. 

What are the regularly happening events?

Events that take place regularly (several times per semester) are language groups, once a week, board game evenings, pub quizzes, karaoke nights, sauna evenings, museum visits, etc. These events are easy to organize and are free for everyone to join. 

What special events are organized? 

Special events include events that have a participation fee or they take place only once/twice a semester. Such events are Laser tag, Helvetinjärvi national park visit, social causes related events, Finnish Parliament visit, Annual ball, and much more.

How much do the events cost? Are they affordable to students?

ESN FINT is a non-profit organization meaning that our events are not tended to make long-term profit for the organization. Most of the events are totally free of charge. Events that have food, bus transportation, etc. will be covered by a small participation fee. All events are organized so that they would be as affordable as possible for international students.