ESN International is the highest level of ESN and represents the interests of all international students in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). ESN International negotiates international level partnerships, cooperates with international bodies (such as the European Union), organizes international events, and supports their member countries and their sections in various ways.

ESN International has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and is coordinated by the international board and the Secretariat. ESN also has five Committees that work together with its respective international board member in charge. The Committees of ESN are International Committee for Education (ICE), Network Committee (NEC), Finance Committee (FICO), Communication Committee (ComCom), and IT Committee (IT).

ESN International has 42 member countries, which in turn have 538 local sections. Every year, representatives from local sections come together in the Erasmus Generation Meeting to discuss the ESN network and vote on international decisions. The network is also split into five regions, which have their own Regional Platforms every year for local volunteers to meet each other. ESN Finland is part of the Northern European Platform, along with Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden.

ESN International also oversees the ESN Causes (previously known as ESN Projects).