We here at ESN FINT love organizing all kinds of events for you guys to enjoy. Below are some of our commonly organized events as an example to get you hyped up! 

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Survival cottage weekend

Once a semester you have the opportunity to experience one of the most Finnish things ever: a weekend in a traditional Finnish cottage. Finns love to relax by the lakeside and so do we. The cottage is located outside of Tampere and you have to take a small hike to reach the cottage from the bus stop. Also, the cottage has no running water and might have a low internet connection. Therefore the name Survival Cottage Weekend! We promise it will be fun and memorable!

Outdoor events

Finland has gorgeous nature and we try to appreciate it as much as we can. That’s why FINT organizes lots of hikes, walks, outdoor games, skating, and even ice swimming. With us, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful forests and lakes of Finland.


Sitsit is the cornerstone of Finnish student events and a must for everyone to experience while visiting! Sitsit is a Nordic-style academic seated party that has its origins all the way from the Vikings (supposedly, at least). Tables will be filled with food, drinks, and awesome people singing - not much else can be explained, but you'll get it when you see it!

Museum visits

Tampere has lots of interesting museums and there’s bound to be something for everyone! For those interested in Finnish culture, the Moomin Museum or the Vapriikki -museum center are great options. For the historians, a visit to the Lenin Museum could be interesting. ESN FINT organizes guided tours to all of the mentioned museums in addition to our yearly Vapriikki Museum Quest! 

Pub Quizzes

Together with our partner Bar Passion, we bring you fun evenings filled with friends, good drinks, and most importantly knowledge! Join us and try your best to answer challenging questions and solve riddles in a definite time frame. No internet, just your brain. The winning team will be awarded with a special prize and eternal glory.

Board Game nights

There are few easier ways to get to know other Finns and internationals than joining one of our regular chill Board Game nights. We provide the games and usually some snacks too, so all you gotta do is show up!

Laser tag

Have you always loved the epic blaster battles in Star Wars? Have you dreamed of possessing your own laser gun? Well, your dreams can come true if you join our Laser tag evenings. These sporty events are a favorite of our fox family, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take part in epic battles!