So you’re interested in joining our fox family? Awesome!

As an official ESN FINT member, you get access to a lot of amazing Members Only advantages such as:

  • The ESN card and all the international benefits that come with it
  • Access to our members only events and event discounts
  • A discounted price on our trips organized by Timetravels
  • The possibility to buy your very own student overalls and truly become a part of the Finnish student culture
  • The chance to get even more involved by becoming an active, officer, or even a board member!


In Spring 2021, we have done some changes to how a student can become a member in order to make the process faster and with fewer human contacts. Now there is an online form:
Filling the form, however, does not yet make you a member. In order to complete becoming a member, you need to pay the 8€ membership fee that can only be paid physically by card. Because the campus is closed, also the ESN FINT Clubroom at the University is closed. You can pay the 8€ membership fee by visiting the ESN FINT storage room at TOAS Lapinkaari (first floor). The times will be published on the website's front page and on Facebook and Instagram.

To become a member, visit our clubroom during the opening hours and pay the 8€ membership fee.

Remember, that to be a member of ESN FINT you must be either a student or an intern in the Pirkanmaa region. You must prove this by either showing your student card or a student certificate issued in Finland or in your home country.

Well, what are you waiting for? Visit us during the next opening hours and become a part of a genuinely international family.