We are local section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in the city center location of Tampere Universities. Our name stands for Finns and Internationals in Tampere (FINT), and we are a non-profit student organisation that organises free-time activities for all internationally-minded students and in Tampere! We started as FINT in 2009, and before we've been known as (ESN) TAMY since 1998.

That's us :)

Who's ESN FINT for?

Any student who wants an international company! Our goal is to be part of the intercultural community in our University and in Tampere! Whether you're a homecoming student, returning from an international experience and would like to keep that international atmosphere in your life, an exchange student who's looking for company and social connections or an (international) degree student who's looking for a longer-term base to be part of; we're happy for everyone to join our section!

Who are we?

ESN FINT is a group of people contributing to organise the great events and services! Currently, we're with the following team:
Board: Ella (president), Adela (PR), Maria Patricia (Events), Anu (Media), Emma Iga (Social causes), Andra (Local representitive), Anh (Treasurer) and Samuli (IT)
Officers: Jan (Media), Saskia & Tatjana (Social causes), 
Zeinab (Sports), Rucha (Partnerships)

If you'd like to know more about us check here, or click here if you'd like to join our team!

Our mascots: the foxes!

You've probably seen some foxes on our social media and at our events, and you might be asking what's up with those? Every ESN section all around Europe has a section mascot and ours is the lovely fox! We do not have only one of them but FOUR! Meet the lovely mascot gang, Fergie, Frikka, Flint, and Felix!

Our clubroom

The ESN FINT clubroom is located in the main building of the city center campus, in room number C07b. You can get there from the main lobby by entering the C-wing on the left side of the big staircase,  and following the corridor until you reach stairs on your left to the basement level, where our clubroom and storage are located. You can also reach us from outside, when the university is closed.

Join us for a coffee or tea during opening hours! You can also pop by to become a member, sign up for events, rent starting kits or winter equipment or buy yourself a student overall!

About ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

As ESN FINT, we're part of ESN Finland, which in its turn is part of ESN International. If you'd like to know more about what the higher levels of ESN are, we've written a seperate page about that!