ESN FINT organizes several recurring events for its members each semester. Here's what we have on the planning table now:

Welcome week events

ESN FINT organises various events during each Welcome Week (at the start of the autumn & spring semesters) and is also present in the main lobby to welcome new members and answer any questions.

Weekly Actives hangouts

Every week we plan our events together with ESN FINT's events coordinator. In these meetings we decide what events we will organise, how we will organise them and who does what. Everyone is welcome to join! The hangout takes usually place in the clubroom. Yet, special meeting points and the time of the meeting will always be announced on facebook and our website front page.


Asides from the Actives hangouts, we also have more casual hangouts where we watch movies, play games or just have fun together. Then there's also a handful of special hangouts, such as a degree students’ hangout or a Wappu info hangout.

Nature events

Finnish nature offers many incredible and peaceful places to explore. With FINT you can enjoy nature in and around Tampere with your international friends! These could be just short hikes in the forests around the city, or larger events such as a day trip to the Helvetinjärvi national park! There's nothing more Finnish than a delicious sausage by a camp fire in the middle of a forest!

Cottage weekends

One of the most popular events we have is a weekend at the Kintulammi cottage, which is a traditional wooden cottage by a small lake. Some might even call it a survival cottage, as it is located deep within a nature reserve and there is, for example, no running water. 

The concept is to relax and have fun, but also do some chores together: chop wood, make food and warm up the sauna. But not to worry, the weekend is still packed with fun activities, such as walking in the forest, grilling sausages and marshmallows, swimming, sauna, boardgames, delicious meals... Finnish fun in a 21th century way!

Sports activities

As a FINT member you get the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports events, from indoor climbing with an instructor to an intense game of lazer tag! Or perhaps you'd like to test your skills in Kyykkä, a centuries-old Finnish game of throwing wooden bats at skittles!

Bar events

Most commonly organized in our partner bar Passion, these events range from speedfriending sessions to an international Pub Quiz, where you can compete in teams to test your international knowledge!

Museum visits

Tampere is a city of many unique and interesting museums! In Vapriikki you can find diverse exhibitions from natural sciences to ice hockey, in the spy museum you can discover the hidden world of global espionage, and in the world's only Moomin museum you can learn the story behind the adorable Finnish troll family!

Finnish culture events

In these events you may find yourself singing karaoke, watching the local team play ice hockey, or even just playing traditional Finnish games. And of course, you can't come to Finland without going to a sauna, and a proper way to do it is by a lake with friends!

Finnish student culture events

The student culture is strong in Finland, especially so in Tampere! With FINT you get to take part in international Sitsits, Wappu events and of course overall patch sewings! Did you know that you can also buy overalls from ESN FINT? Read more about it here!

International & Mobility events

Taste exotic foods! Learn new languages! Find international opportunities! Our international events include for example the Gringo Tuesday, where you can practice new languages in a casual setting, or more official events such as stands at international events or tables at mobility fairs.

Social Projects

ESN FINT organises events within the causes of ESN international and the projects within the causes. These projects are aiming to give back to the Finnish society in various ways or to improve the life of people with disabilities. If you have an idea on what we can organise you can contact or just show up at one of our Actives hangouts.