”How was the sitsit*?”


“It was my second sitsit, and I could say that I really enjoy sitsit parties. As it happened towards the end of the semester, due to busy schedule, I thought that I will skip it, but I am more than happy that I managed to participate. For me, the main reason of joining sitsit is to meet new interesting people, to demonstrate multicultural integrity and promote diversity.(...)

I’m currently in my first year of Master degree, and I have lived in Finland for four years. At the beginning, as an international student  I faced some difficulties like huge cultural difference, language barrier and sometimes it made me feel a little bit depressed. But, ESN really helps to make new friends, make your life more colorful and memorable in Finland.”

(Master degree student)                  


*Sitsit: a Nordic-style seated party, having dinner, chatting, and singing with friends while following some ‘rules.’ If someone breaks the rules, they will be punished in a particular way (not nasty but funny one).