Hi foxes! Have you already experienced the amazing Finnish adventure? We went to the Kintulammi cottage during the weekend, 8-11 Nov. This time I would like to share stories from the survival cottage weekend. So you guys can imagine what happened in the Finnish cottage life and how FINT friends enjoyed the wonderful moments!



At the beginning of this trip, we took a bus from the city center to the bus stop closest to the cottage, and then walked around 5km to the cottage. It was quite a long way, but in fact it was amazing because snow brightened the scenery and made it even more beautiful. When we arrived at the cottage, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful frozen lake. Sooo beautiful!!

On the second day, we went hiking in the forest. I believe hiking is the best way to connect with nature! Nature always rejuvenates me. During the walk, I didn’t have to think about my weekday worries and I could feel relaxed. But of course we also enjoyed hanging out with friends!



Do you like sauna? Yeah we love one ! I think the cottage sauna is one of the highlights because it’s so relaxing. If you want to know Finnish culture, you don’t have to be intimidated! You just change to your swimming suits and take a bottle of water, and let’s go to the cottage sauna! You can also take a grab of beer when you want to cool down your body. And also you can go to the frozen lake! It’s always a good idea to go back and forth between the sauna and the lake when you want to refresh out. To make you more relaxed, it’s also nice to use fragrance (aroma) oil into the water when you heat up the sauna, and you can relax with the scenced steam. After enjoying the extreme hot and cold, the sauna makes you leave content. And also I felt hungry at the same time. haha



we had wonderful meals with friends. On the second day, some friends enjoyed grilled marshmallows and sausages after having dinner in front of the fireplace! It was so nice that I can’t explain with words. haha  


Playing Games

We played many games during free time. At first, we played ice breaking games such as introducing ourselves by adjectives which starts from the first letter of names, anything goes basket, name shooting, and murder games. Also we played with cards such as Cards Against Humanity. And some people were really into the board game called Captain Sonar. Have you ever played with them?  



I couldn’t enjoy this trip without you guys!! Thank you ESN friends! 


Lots of love:)