Hi foxes! Have you ever participated in Finnish Language and Culture group? In this group, we can do some games related to finnish words. Today, I’ll introduce one of the games which is Alfapet board game that we played on the 13th of November.  


How to Play: as you can see from the pic, it is a board game using letters. At first, you will take each eight pieces randomly. Using own those alphabets, you can make a word on the board. It could be a verb, adjective, noun, or whatever. To make a word, you have to combine with some letters (at least one letter) put already on the board. You can get points when you count numbers on the pieces. The person who earns the most will win the game. So be careful not to put a piece on an orange spot. You will lose some points from it. After putting some alphabets, you will randomly take pieces as many as you used. And then another person will do the same thing again and again...Of course you can use a dictionary to come up with finnish vocabulary. It was quite difficult but fun at the same time :)


What We Can Learn: definitely Finnish vocabulary!! and of course you can talk with friends in Finnish during this game.


Come and play fun games with us, and get a little moment of finnish knowledge :) 


This is the information of L&C group sessions! You can also join the other language group.


4 Portuguese

5 Chinese

6 German

7 Italian


5 Japanese

6 Finnish ( 26.11 TODAY baking joulutorttu @ the club room of TOAS Markuksentori)

7 Spanish


4 French

5 Slovak/Czech

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