“How was the 20km hike*?”


“It was quite good. It’s not so hard to take a longer distance hike than we expected because there’s not so much ups and downs; the hike course was mostly flat, so we felt like we could walk forever!! Now we feel super cold because we are just sitting but while walking I felt warm from inside my body.”


“I didn’t try a longer one because I have no experience to hike for such a long distance. Have you ever experienced this kind of hike?”


“Yeah, I came here a month ago and I also did hike in my home country, SriLanka. But hiking there is kind in a mountain so it’s not flat, and the weather is super hot it’s like 35 degrees. Oh, by the way, I really want to go to a sauna, crazy warm place after this trip. But maybe I can’t go today because I didn’t book for it haha.” 


(Master Degree Students in TAMK)


*In this trip, participants could choose 10km hike or 20km one, but most of them chose the shorter one. 20km hikers looked so brave for me at least.