“What’s the highlight for you at the party?”


“Singing was really great! We were singing so many times in the sitsit* haha. I like singing, so it was good. And of course punishment was fun. One of the punishment was singing own national song, And it was each unique and beautiful. Some songs seems similar but actually different when listening carefully.” “Especially I like Slovakia’s song, the melody was so beautiful. Of course other songs are also beautiful and each has different melodies and unique points.”


“By the way, are you going to afterparty?”


“I’d like to but maybe no because I have a lot of reading assignments, like 300 pages for each and I go to party everyday in these days, so difficult to manage time for classes.” 


(Freshman degree students) 


*sitsit: International Sitsit was held at the end of September. Do you know what ‘sitsit’ is? It is a Nordic-style seated party, and we have dinner, chat, and sing together while following some ‘rules.’ You’ll see when you go to the party! Or were you there? I’m always welcome your episode in the sitsit party :)