Are you job hunting right now? If you are seeking a job in the traditional way, you are probably applying through a recruitment website, such as Linkedin, you are getting your CV and cover letter analyzed, and finally, you are hoping for an interview.


Hi foxes! We visited Refugee Center on International Volunteer Day, 5th Dec. So this time I’ll share from my perspective how we spent time with the children there, and introduce some Finnish culture, because the next day was Finnish Independence Day, 6th Dec.

Hi foxes! Have you already experienced the amazing Finnish adventure? We went to the Kintulammi cottage during the weekend, 8-11 Nov. This time I would like to share stories from the survival cottage weekend.

Hi foxes! Have you ever participated in Finnish Language and Culture group? In this group, we can do some games related to finnish words. Today, I’ll introduce one of the games which is Alfapet board game that we played on the 13th of November.  


“How was the 20km hike*?”


“What’s the highlight for you at the party?”


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