Being an ESN FINT Active is a great way to boost your organisational skills, to be creative, to get to know new people and much more! smiley

How does it work?

As a non-profit student organisation, ESN FINT is organised and led by volunteers. Active members (called "Actives") support the work of ESN FINT Board. Actives and Board members are enthusiastic internationally minded students who volunteer their free time to organise various events and trips for ESN FINT members.

Actives meetings are organised regularly by the Events coordinator (usually every week). During these meetings we decide together what events to organise, how to organise them, and who does what.

If you're interested in becoming an Active, write to or come to our next Actives meeting.

What can an Active do?

  • Actives are usually involved with ESN FINT events & trips
  • Actives can also be involved with ESN projects
  • Actives can help out with ESN FINT clubroom hours
  • Actives that were involved in more that one event can also get to go to our trips for free (based on Board's decision) 

How much does an Active do?

As much as one wants and has time. We are all volunteers in ESN FINT, so we all devote as much time as we can. Also, we can choose what events we want to organise based on our interest. But, if you promise to help organise some event, please be responsible, we are counting on you. smiley

What do you get for being an Active?

  • Free entry to the events you help to organise
  • New friends & international experience
  • Great student association experience
  • Something clever to put in your CV
  • Opportunity to become ESN FINT Board member and/or engage in the wider ESN network if you become interested